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Passion for Virtual Reality
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Our vision :

Allow everyone to actually walk around buildings and places which do not exist yet, on a simple and easy way

Created in the wake of the recent virtual reality revival, VirtualWalk aims at bringing to architecture new technologies changing the way we see and perceive places.

Being one of the firsts to own the initial Oculus Rift VR headset, passion for virtual reality has grown as much as technical expertise in this field.
Today, VirtualWalk continuously invests in the best available systems, offering the best possible services to the construction professionals.

Virtual reality being a real buzz, events and marketing is another field in which VirtualWalk offers its services.

VirtualWalk was awarded a preactivity grant from Walloon Region in 2013 and benefits of project coaching from Solvay Entrepreneurs.
Solvay Entrepreneurs
Cap Innove Nivelles

Benoit De Schryver

Virtual reality passionate,
Benoit De Schryver acts as a tireless project manager for VirtualWalk.

Being an electronics/computer engineer and technology freak, his rigorous mind and willingness are true assets for your projects, as well as his large address book.

Hand in hand
with the best experts

Each project requires skilled knowledge; each client has its own requirements.

That is why we collaborate with the best partners when required for projects. Here are some of them.

  • Bureau 2G
    Bureau 2G
    This dynamic booming architects office has construction sector expertise and interest for new technologies making them a first class partner for our newest systems evaluation.
  • Triangle Factory
    Triangle factory
    Experts in 3D and games, this creative belgian studio brings its visual competences on projects which require advanced graphics.
    Responsive and available, Triangle Factory is also a good partner for projects with tight schedule.

Here are the brands and systems making up our universe :

Unity EditorHTC Vive headsetOculus Rift Headset
3D Studio MaxSketchupAutodesk Revit

VirtualWalk works together with you in
architecture and real estate
but also in other fields where
virtual reality is a revolution:
automotive, 3D design, manufacturing, industrial process optimisation, training & teaching, events & advertising, art, movies, video