With virtual reality, you get a true sense of presence :
Being in some place like in reality and not notice
it does not exist yet…


Still sharing your projects with your clients only on paper or on screen?
Cmd ! We are in 2017 !
Virtual reality provide such an intuitive way to experience a place, a room, a garden,…
Stand out by proposing a new way of visualizing things: unforgettable, easy, and mostly efficient.


How to promote real estate and give confidence to future buyers?
Virtual reality is a unique and ultra intuitive way of visiting a property before it is actually built, which gives future buyers an unusual experience they will not forget.


Planning on renovating or building a new house ?
It is now possible to walk around your future place before it is actually built!
Starting from your architects drawings, budget is kept low: you decide how detailed it will be !
Not yet familiar with virtual reality
and how it can help? Click here.
House in virtual realityMenu
A house in virtual reality

VirtualWalk proposes visualization services using virtual reality. Getting a feeling of volumes and places has never been so easy, on such a simple way.
Did you know ?
40% of people do not correctly understand drawings !

We create extraordinary personalized virtual visits


Do not worry about equipment, we take care of that


State-of-the-art equipment, always available


No costly investment for you


Little details make the difference


« Try virtual reality by yourself !»

Request an in-house demonstration, always free, with emotion guaranteed!

Virtual reality is an experience to live, to feel.

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