Virtual reality

Virtual reality consists of technologies to immerse yourself in an non-existing environment, making it feel as real.
Simple flat 2d tv
No matter how impressive the mountains displayed on your TV are, you always keep conscious that you are just sitting in front of it, and never fearing to fall down the slope.
3D environment which feels real
Imagine for once that you would be on top of these mountains, rock under your feet. You could look around you, even go look further away. You would truly be in the landscape… vertigo guaranteed.
It is now possible.
History of virtual reality


Created in the fifties and then forgotten, virtual reality made a strong come-back since 2010, and current progress is considerable.


Sight is our best sense

This is why the central part of virtual reality is the headset with its sensors, allowing us to see true 3D images and following our sight, as in reality


Sound is very important also

Experiences quality can be further enhanced with a proper sound track

Interaction with hands

Tracking our hands for interaction

Thanks to adequate sensors, our hands can manipulate virtual objects or interact with the environment

Position tracking

Walk around

The most impressive experiences are the ones wherein you can move around the virtual world by real walking. This requires to track your location in the real world, very accurately.

Computer power

Let the magic happen

Computer power and images quality are key for visualization excellence.



What can I do with virtual reality ?

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Does virtual reality suit my project ?

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