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Endless possibilities with virtual reality. Here are some of them…

Beautiful 3D interior
Visit an apartment under construction and walk around as if it was finished
Discuss a live small-scale building together
Move furniture around to find the best room arrangement
Check out an animated small-scale building
Change the sun’s position and check the impact on the living room illumination
Visualize technical elements in industrial fields
Visualize around yourself variants of a new airport hall
Nice neighbourhood in 3D
Surprise a client by having him walk to his future front door
Small-scale model with comments integrated in 3D
Drive on a future new road area
Walk around buildings
Already walk down the aisles of a shop which will open soon
Tactile small-scale models in the air
Experience a museum’s new scenography
Check building integration in city map in 3D
Visualize cables and pipes in the walls of an industrial building
Mind-blowing designs to explore
Choose your living room size and feel the modified volume for yourself
Walk around rooms
Look at an animated neighborhood small-scale model
See the results of future renovation work
Travel on a new metro line to be build
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