Endless possibilities with virtual reality.
Here are some of them…
Draw in 3D
Sports in 3D
Walk on a tightrope above Grand Canyon
Have fun together with friends with games
Visit different variants of your fair booth
Draw in 3D in the air
Sit in the next car model and have a detailed look at the dashboard
Rollercoasters in virtual reality
Explore an underwater wreck not yet discovered
Amusement parks
Use your own logos as freezebees to score maximum points
Visualize things and objects in front of you
Play tennis with size-changing balls
Explore distant places
Get on stage in Las Vegas
Visualize mind-blowing things
Get the biggest scare facing a giant spider
Drive cars in virtual reality
Experience the world’s tallest roller coaster
Watch the infinitely small or big
Fly like a bird and enjoy the view
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